Biohazard Medical Waste Disposal Collection & Pick Up | OSHA compliance online training for medical offices
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OSHA Compliance

Our MediSafe OSHA Compliance Program is designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

Are you aware medical OHSA inspectors have the authority to fine you up to $70,000 on the spot for non-compliance?

Do You Know:

  • What you will do if an OSHA inspector visits your office unannounced?
  • Your rights?
  • The fundamentals of employee training?
  • How to keep adequate and accurate records?
  • Are you aware of exposure determinations?

OSHA Compliance Program

Blood Borne Pathogens OSHAEverything a medical or dental practice needs for easy, stress-free OSHA compliance.See reverse for product details.

Online Training Courses

For OSHA Safety Administrators:

  • Administering Your OSHA Program
  • Evaluating and Selecting Safety Sharps

For Employees:

  • Annual OSHA Retraining – Covers OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communications Standards, required for every healthcare employee
  • Basic OSHA Training – For employees new to the healthcare industry
  • New Employee OSHA Orientation – For those who have had previous OSHA training, but are new to the facility
  • Preventing Workplace Violence in Ambulatory Medical and Dental Facilities – To help employees prevent violent behavior in others and to respond to violent situations
  • Fire Safety – For annual employee training, covers fire extinguishing (A.R.A.C.E., P.A.S.S.) and building evacuation
  • Ergonomics for Ambulatory Medical And Dental Facilities – Identifies the most common ergonomic stressors (i.e. back/neck; eye strain; Carpel Tunnel Syndrome; computer work stations; lifting/moving patients) and demonstrates techniques to avoid injury
  • Respiratory Infection Control: Influenza and TB

Three cost effective turnkey programs to guarantee medical OSHA compliance for every medical and dental office.

Products & Services




OSHA Safety Program Manual

Policies and procedures for all OSHA regulations that apply to medical practices organized under 12 tabbed sections, copies of the regulations, forms and
a CD-ROM to customize them into MS Word, OSHA-compliance checklist and more.

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Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

The basis of your facility’s OSHA compliance plan, including safety sharps requirements included in Manual above.

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Material Safety Data Sheets Binder

With a master hazardous substance list and A-Z alphabetized tabs.

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OSHA Compliance Checklist for facility self-audit

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OSHA Annual Retraining DVD

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1 Year Subscription to OSHA Watch Newsletter

To keep your OSHA Manual up-to-date

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The HELP Book: Healthcare Emergency & Lifesaving Plan

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Access to Toll-Free Technical Assistance

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Access to Online (computer based) Training *

See comprehensive list of courses on reverse

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On-Site Mock OSHA Inspection

Conducted by a Quality America OSHA expert


On-Site OSHA Annual Retraining

Conducted by Quality America OSHA expert


* Computer based training for up to 500 employees. Pricing will vary for organizations with 500 or more employees.

** For GOLD level subscribers, select one online training course all employees will take, a new course may be selected each year.

*** In lieu of the on-site inspection and retraining, PLATINUM level subscribers may select 5 online training courses per year for their employees. If online training is desired in addition to an on-site inspection and retraining, please call for pricing.