Medical Waste Removal

Medical Waste Disposal

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State and federal laws govern the disposal of your medical waste.

Compliance is the law, not a choice.

United States Federal and State laws require “cradle to grave” tracking of medical waste and sharps disposal.

Our unique bar coding system tracks your waste from the time it leaves your office or establishment to the time it is destroyed. Once your waste is disposed off, your office will receive a “Destruction Certificate” that states the date and time that your waste was destroyed.

Choose a company that manages every aspect of your medical and biohazardous waste management while providing reliable customer service at affordable prices with due compliance of laws and regulations.

How Do You Want Your Medical Waste to Be Removed?

Effective medical waste removal is more than “picking up your waste at a good price.” It’s about reducing your liability, correctly managing your waste stream and simplifying your access to disposal products and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Training and Compliance for Medical Waste Practices.

We offer a complete medical waste management solution including:

  • Compliant Medical Waste Management
  • An array of Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal Service Lines
  • Complete Office Disposal Supplies
  • All-inclusive OSHA Facility Compliance Programs
  • Expired/Recalled Drug Destruction
  • Document Destruction
  • HIPPA Compliance

Special Offers

BioMedical Waste Solutions offers “Group Purchasing Discounts.”

Leverage your buying power by contracting as a ‘company’ vs. a ‘location’ when you represent several locations with our

  • Standardizing Pricing &
  • Contract Consolidation

If your facility is part of a network of locations, let us know!

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