5 Risks to Improper Medical Waste Disposal

5 Risks To Improper Medical Waste Disposal
5 Risks To Improper Medical Waste Disposal

Naturally, medical waste removal is considered serious business. Shockingly most medical professionals tend to have a lack of awareness of the potential issues or risks associated with professional medical garbage.
We’ve created this simple whitepaper to help you and your staff become aware of the grave risks improper medical trash removal poses to you, your staff, and practice, whether you’re a private hospital, a dental office, or a tattoo parlor.
Please become aware and share this life-saving information with your organization.

ONE: The Particular Legal Possibility

law-238x300 Medical professionals and staff are rarely also lawyers, therefore possibly aren’t informed about what the law states on the subject of biomedical waste. However even though laws and regulations can vary commonly on the state level, on both state and also federal government levels concur that: If the facility or company produces medical waste materials, that organization is solely responsible for their waste.

Even in the case where you believe the medical waste disposal company you hire is regulated and above-board, but as it happens they’re not, your organization will still be legally responsible for the destruction of waste by the company you hire, which can lead to more legal complications.

TWO: The Financial Threat

5 Risks To Improper Medical Waste Disposal

The actual monetary results from improper health care waste disposal can be enormous. If you are immediately to blame for injury to the community, you will likely have to cover the injury, additional damages, and federal penalties. Even if you entered in good-faith with medical waste removal company, your organization is still viewed as responsible according to the law. As well as, despite the fact that you may find a way to prevent it, you’ll need to fork out legal expenses and other restitution that your medical malpractice insurance may not cover, producing the worst type of destruction of all.

THREE: The Danger to Your Personnel and Patients

personnel-patientsThere is a life-threatening risks to you, your personnel and patients are posed by improper disposal medical garbage and inadequate OSHA training. Healthcare garbage can come in many varieties, between alarmingly radioactive supplies to likely lethal infectious sharps and materials are a straightforward danger involving personal injury. The toughest circumstance scenario is incorrectly disposed-of waste materials can kill patients and employees. It’s that serious.

FOUR: The Danger Towards the Community

5 Risks To Improper Medical Waste Disposal

The subsequent trouble that anyone that cleverly tries evade proper medical waste disposal for financial gain may be completely be ignoring the horrendous environmental effect connected with improper disposal. Here are some of the dangers:

  • Syringes washing up on seashores
  • Infectious blood tossed inside a landfill ruining soil for miles
  • Pathogens contaminating healthy drinking water supplies and fresh air

All of which put even the healthiest folks in extreme health-related danger. Yes, basically the illegal dumping of biohazardous materials will result in a Zombie Apocalypse!

FIVE: Danger to Your Reputation

dangeryourreputationImagine finding reports of a hospital improperly disposing of medical waste that caused a patient’s death, would feel safe going there? Course not! You would never go that hospital again, tell everyone you knew to avoid this facility, and may even join class action suit.

Even facilities found not guilty have wasted decades trying to fix their reputation caused by incorrect health care garbage removal.

It could possibly spoil promising employment opportunities, shut down hospitals, and also place you in danger of imprisonment. Medical waste is serious business.

5 Risks To Improper Medical Waste Disposal


Consequently, avoid carrying the risk with medical waste removal; turn to professionals like us at Biomedical Waste Solutions, LLC. We’ll enable you to get rid of one’s waste properly as well as effectively, along with making sure there is a chain of custody so that you can learn where your garbage is until it has been disposed of properly.

Stop risking damage your organization, employees, clients, and local community; make sure your medical waste is handled properly.

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    I plan on using 0.5-2 lbs of citric acid + warm water solution to remove a moderate amount of rust from some bicycle parts. if I neutralize the waste solution with baking soda, could I dispose of it down the drain/toilet? please let me know as soon as possible. thank you.

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