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As your premier providers of solutions for medical waste disposal near you and your Partner, we’ll ensure your staff’s safety, assure your company’s regulatory compliance, and protect the environment from the risks related to biohazardous waste.

Our waste management makes it easy for your company (any organization) to properly dispose of medical waste according to the requirements: Rules, guidance, and forms.

We have developed cutting-edge biomedical treatment systems for improving safety, efficiency and costs related to the proper disposal of medical waste via autoclaving your hazardous materials including sharps, needles, pharmaceuticals, biohazards, and pathogens wastes.

There are no environmental or legal concerns when using our pickup and on-site biomedical treatment providing service to hospitals, dentists, microbiological laboratories, tattoo parlors, physician offices, rehabilitation centers, and really any business that requires regulated disposal.

What our clients say


‹‹Excellent service and we never have to worry about compliance issues››

Dr. Young, Texas Health Center


‹‹It’s great to know we’re saving money, being compliant, and know I can find out at any time when my next pick-up is going to be››

Susan P. – Dental Office


Low Cost. Reliable. Compliant. Guaranteed.


Low Cost

Enjoy cost-effective bio medical waste disposal near me throughout the United States with actual fixed rates and no hidden fees. Our clients save up to 83.6% versus other biohazard waste disposal companies.



In just 14 years, we’ve grown to over 100,000+ happy clients in the U.S. because we virtually guarantee timely and reliable pick-ups. You can count on us!



Compliance with State and Federal laws governing the proper disposal of medical waste is not a choice. Regulated medical waste is the law in all states. We have you 100% covered.

100% Compliant & Certified


Serving All Healthcare Providers

Medical Waste Collection Scheduling


PRN “As Needed”






Bi -Weekly






100% OSHA Compliance Guaranteed.

To offer effective bio medical waste disposal near me, it’s more than just “picking up your medical waste at a good price.” It’s about:

checks Correct medical waste management in your state
checks Reducing your liability
checks Simplifying your access to disposal products

Compliant Shredding


We protect what matters most by also offering you document shredding services.

Now you can protect the privacy of your clinical information and American residents by disposing of your paper-based records in a HIPAA compliant, safe, and cost-effective way.

NOTE: Other shredding companies will still result in you dealing with two different reps (one for each company). With us, you’ll save time and money by having only one rep/supplier/invoice for both shredding and medical waste disposal.

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Our Same Price Guarantee

Our “same price guarantee” is simple: When you sign up with us, we commit to NEVER raising your price. Ever.

Most companies that offer medical waste disposal near me come in and promise a low-price, but then they raise your prices over time. For example, other shredding companies will raise your pick-up prices every 9 months over 5 years! That’s almost 7 price raises and exponential cost increases!

We trust our guarantee makes it a no-brainer to work with us.