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Regulations You Need to Know

Regulated “Medical Waste“


According to ​​The Tennessee Department Of Environment And Conservation (TDEC), “‘Medical waste’ means the following solid wastes:

(a) Wastes generated by hospitalized patients who are isolated to protect others from communicable diseases.

(b) Cultures and stocks of infectious agents, including specimen cultures from medical and pathological laboratories, cultures and stocks of infectious agents from research and industrial laboratories, wastes from the production of biologicals, discarded live and attenuated vaccines, and culture dishes and devices used to transfer, inoculate, and mix cultures.

(c) Waste human blood and blood products such as serum, plasma, and other blood Components.

(d) Pathological wastes (i.e., tissues, organs, body parts, and body fluids) that are removed during surgery and autopsy.

(e) All discarded sharps (e.g., hypodermic needles, syringes, pasteur pipettes, broken glass, scalpel blades) used in patient care or which have come into contact with infectious agents during use in medical, research, or industrial laboratories.

(f) Contaminated carcasses, body parts, and bedding of animals that were intentionally exposed to pathogens in research, in the production of biologicals, or in the in vivo testing of pharmaceuticals.

(g) The following wastes from patients known to be infected with blood-borne disease

Hazardous Medical Wastes are those medical wastes which contain chemicals (such as Nicotine, Epinephrine, Nitroglycerine, Warfarin, chemotherapy drugs, etc) that the EPA has determined must be managed under the strict criteria established by federal regulations. More information about hazardous medical waste is available below including some examples of possible listed hazardous waste that healthcare facilities may generate.”

Learn about COVID-19 waste disposal regulations here.

Facilities of Regulated Medical Waste


For the medical wastes, facilities must comply with several guidelines by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC):

  1. Waste Evaluation Application: Facilities generating RMW and intending to process or dispose of it must apply to the Commissioner for a waste evaluation. This involves submitting a form provided by the Department, following specific instructions.
  2. Off-Site Processing or Disposal: Facilities that process or dispose of medical waste off-site must annually recertify the accuracy of their waste stream information. They must also adhere to the management conditions specified in their special waste approval to prevent adverse impacts on public health and the environment.
  3. Special Waste Approval: Disposal of special medical waste in a permitted landfill or processing at a permitted facility requires special waste approval from the Division of Solid Waste Management (SWM). This involves locating a facility that will accept the waste and obtaining approval from the Division of SWM prior to disposal.
  4. Medical Waste Management Requirements: Specific requirements for different types of waste are outlined. For example, sharps must be packaged securely in puncture-proof containers, and cultures and stocks of infectious agents must be rendered non-infectious before landfilling.
  5. Compliance with Federal and State Regulations: Facilities must comply with both federal and state waste management regulations. This includes specific guidelines for different types of medical waste, such as biohazardous waste, pharmaceutical waste, sharps disposal, and more.

Overall, the management of regulated medical waste in Tennessee is comprehensive, emphasizing the protection of public health and the environment. It is important for healthcare facilities to be fully aware of these regulations and ensure compliance to avoid penalties and contribute to safe waste management practices.

Dispose of Regulated Medical Waste


The risks of improper medical waste disposal are clear.

The City of Memphis in Shelby County, Tennessee, adheres to state and federal regulations for the disposal of regulated waste. This type of waste can include a variety of materials, such as biomedical waste and hazardous waste.

BioMedical Waste Solutions is one of the very few private Memphis medical waste disposal companies that are registered and permitted by Tennessee state to handle, transport, store, destroy, and dispose of medical waste and provide Memphis medical waste disposal services.

Low Cost. Reliable. Compliant. Guaranteed.

Medical Waste Disposal Memphis

Low Cost

Enjoy cost-effective medical waste disposal throughout Memphis, Tennessee with actual fixed rates and no hidden fees. Clients save up to 83.6% with us versus other companies.

Medical Waste Disposal Memphis


In just 14 years, we’ve grown to over 10,000+ happy clients in the State of Tennessee because we virtually guarantee timely and reliable pick-ups. You can count on us!

Medical Waste Disposal Memphis


Compliance with State and Federal laws governing the proper disposal of medical waste is not a choice. Memphis regulated medical waste is the law. We have you 100% covered.


Our Same Price Guarantee

Our “same price guarantee” is simple: When you sign up with us, we commit to NEVER raising your price. Ever.

Most biomedical waste disposal companies in Memphis come in and promise a low-price, but then they raise your prices over time. For example, most Stericycle contracts will raise your pick-up prices every 9 months over 5 years! That’s almost 7 price raises and exponential cost increases!

We trust our guarantee makes it a no-brainer to work with us.

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BioMedical Waste Solutions in Memphis is near Methodist University Hospital which is close to Bartlett, Cooper Young, and Cordova in 1010 4830 Pelican Bay Dr #202, Memphis, TN 38125. Graceland, National Civil Rights Museum, and The Peabody Memphis are nearby.

We also offer nationwide medical waste disposal.

4830 Pelican Bay Dr #202, Memphis, TN 38125

Serving All Memphis Area Healthcare Providers

Medical Waste Collection Scheduling

Medical Waste Disposal Memphis

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Medical Waste Disposal Memphis


Medical Waste Disposal Memphis


Medical Waste Disposal Memphis

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Medical Waste Disposal Memphis


Medical Waste Disposal Memphis


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Medical Waste Disposal Memphis
Medical Waste Disposal Memphis
Medical Waste Disposal Memphis

Your Complete Memphis, TN Biohazardous Waste Management Solution


100% OSHA Compliance Guaranteed.

Effective Memphis, Tennessee medical waste disposal services are more than just “picking up your medical waste at a good price.” It’s about:

checks Correct medical waste management in Memphis, Tennessee
checks Reducing your liability
checks Simplifying your access to disposal products

Compliant Shredding

Medical Waste Disposal Memphis

We protect what matters most by also offering you document shredding services.

Now you can protect the privacy of your clinical information and Memphis residents by disposing of your paper-based records in a HIPAA compliant, safe, and cost-effective way.

NOTE: Stericycle and Shred-It will still result in you dealing with two different reps (one for each company). With us, you’ll save time and money by having only one rep/supplier/invoice for both shredding and medical waste disposal Memphis, TN.

Memphis Sharps Disposal Solutions

It may interest you to know that we provide Houston sharps disposal. We will pick up your sharps containers of almost any size (2 gallons all the way up to 40 gallons.) Simply add your sharps containers to the box we provide you and we will pick it up on your next scheduled pick-up.

What Belongs in a Sharps Container?

According to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), a sharps container is used for the disposal of “sharps,” which are medical instruments that are sharp or can puncture or cut skin. Items that should be disposed of in a sharps container typically include “all discarded sharps (e.g., hypodermic needles, syringes, pasteur pipettes, broken
glass, scalpel blades) used in patient care or which have come into contact with
infectious agents during use in medical, research, or industrial laboratories.”

“1. A generator who treats biohazardous medical waste on site shall place medical sharps in a sharps container after rendering them incapable of creating a stick hazard by using an encapsulation agent or any other process that prevents a stick hazard. Medical sharps encapsulated or processed in this manner are considered to be solid waste.
2. A generator who ships biohazardous medical waste off site for treatment shall either:
a. Place medical sharps in a medical sharps container and follow the requirements of R18-13-1406, or
b. Package and send medical sharps to a treatment facility via a mail-back system as prescribed by the instructions provided by the mail-back system operator. The generator shall retain proof of shipping.”

Learn more about sharps container disposal here.


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Our Clients Choose Us Because…


We Never Raise Our Rates

With our “Same Price Guarantee,” we are committed to never raising your rates. Never! You won’t find this guarantee elsewhere. Other medical waste companies get you in the door by promising low prices, but then they raise their rates quite drastically over time. Instead, we’ll give you a fair price and then grandfather you into that price forever! That’s how we reward our loyal customers, and it’s why the average organization that hires us saves up to 83.6% with us.


We Have the Expertise You Need

Over 10,000 clients trust us to manage their biomedical waste because we’ve been doing this work for over 14 years. Our pickups are timely and reliable because we have so much experience with proper disposal of medical waste. We know all the ins and outs of the regulations so that you don’t have to stress about it. We’ll even train your team on OSHA and HIPAA compliance. Avoid the $70,000 fines per violation and put your trust in BioMedical Waste Solutions.


We Offer Comprehensive Solutions

You won’t have to hire multiple companies when you turn to us. We’ll handle your biohazardous waste disposal, sharps disposal, document destruction and shredding, red bag biomedical, pathological, and medical waste removal, infectious waste and sharps containers, OSHA and HIPPA compliance training, and more. BioMedical Waste Solutions is your one stop shop for everything related to medical waste management. Plus, we’ll customize our services to your needs.


Tennessee Medical Waste Disposal Regulations

Understand Tennessee medical waste requirements and regulations as outlined by the TN Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).


HIPAA and OSHA Compliance Training

Meet your training needs! Learn how to improve HIPAA and OSHA compliance, avoid penalties, and the challenges health providers often face.


The Definitive Guide to Medical Waste Disposal

Equip yourself with knowledge you need for effective medical waste disposal. Avoid wasting money, fines, headaches, and health hazards.


What’s the price for a pick-up?

Know that we offer low-cost medical waste disposal that will save you up to 83.6% versus other companies because we have no hidden fees and a guarantee that we will refrain from raising your price.

We wish we could list prices online, however the prices vary based on your location in Memphis, your frequency of pick-up (monthly, quarterly, etc.), and the amount of waste (volume) you give us to dispose of.

Request a free quote in 10 seconds by tapping here now.

Do you pick-up in my area?

If you’re in the greater Memphis area, we’ll absolutely pick-up your regulated medical waste because we service all healthcare in Memphis, Tennessee and beyond!

If your facility is outside of the greater Memphis area, there’s a good chance we’ll pick-up your waste, but just in case you are in a rural area, please give us a call at 1 (713) 357-6299 now, and within 10 seconds, we will let you know if we have trucks coming to your area. If we don’t have trucks coming to your area, we’ll offer you another solution to get biohazardous medical waste in Memphis picked up.

Are there any additional fees?

Unfortunately in our industry, many companies’ quotes look low-cost, but unscrupulously, they have sneaked in hidden fees and/or have hidden ways to administer “price increases” (“PIs”) in their contracts for as much as 18% twice per year! (That would double your cost every ~4 years!)

We run an honest, fair, and ethical business, so we have no hidden fees and we guarantee we will refrain from raising our price. Period.

How do you dispose of medical waste?

Medical waste disposal requires segregating the waste at the source, using appropriate containers (e.g., red bags for biohazardous waste, sharps containers for needles), and then treating it through methods such as autoclaving or incineration, followed by secure landfill disposal, adhering to local regulations.

How do you dispose of clinical waste?

Clinical waste, including items contaminated with bodily fluids or pharmaceutical products, must be disposed of by placing it in designated clinical waste bags or containers. These are then collected by licensed waste management companies for treatment, typically involving incineration, to ensure environmental and public health safety.

How do I dispose of a sharps container in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, dispose of a sharps container by sealing it when three-quarters full and contacting a medical waste disposal company for pick-up or dropping it off at an approved collection site. Some pharmacies and healthcare facilities offer programs for sharps disposal. Always check local guidelines for specific disposal requirements.

How do you dispose of blood and blood products safely?

To dispose of blood and blood products safely, use leak-proof, labeled containers to prevent exposure and contamination. Autoclaving or incineration by an approved medical waste disposal facility is recommended. Handling should follow strict protocols to minimize infection risks, aligning with health and safety regulations.

1 Fun And 1 Interesting Fact About Memphis!


Memphis, Tennessee, renowned for its vibrant music scene, is the birthplace of blues music, a fact that adds a soulful rhythm to its cultural landscape. The city also boasts a unique culinary tradition, with barbecue taking center stage, illustrating its deep-rooted influence in American cuisine. An interesting historical tidbit about Memphis is its pivotal role in the cotton industry, once hailed as the Cotton Capital of the World, which significantly shaped its economic development and cultural heritage. This blend of musical legacy and historical significance makes Memphis a fascinating hub of American culture and history.

Memphis, TN Local Resources

Memphis Medical Waste Disposal

4830 Pelican Bay Dr #202
Memphis, TN 38125

(901) 538-8006

Tennessee Department of Health

665 Mainstream Dr
Nashville, TN 37228

(615) 741-3011

Shelby County Public Works

1045 Mullins Station Rd
Memphis, TN 38134

(901) 379-4440

Memphis Police Department

170 N Main St
Memphis, TN 38103

(901) 545-2677

City of Memphis

125 N Main St
Memphis, TN 38103

(901) 576-6000

Greater Memphis Chamber

100 Peabody Pl # 1000
Memphis, TN 38103

(901) 543-3500

Memphis Medical Waste Resources

Tennessee Department of Health

665 Mainstream Dr
Nashville, TN 37228

(615) 741-3011

Shelby County Health Department

814 Jefferson Ave
Memphis, TN 38105

(901) 222-9000

What is Methodist University Hospital?

Medical Waste Disposal Memphis

Methodist University Hospital in Tennessee is a significant healthcare facility located in Memphis. It serves as the largest, most comprehensive hospital of the Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare system. Known for its high-quality patient care, the hospital is a leader in cutting-edge medical treatment and research. It’s renowned for its transplant program, among other specialized services like cardiology, neurology, oncology, and orthopedics. Methodist University Hospital operates as a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, contributing to the education of future healthcare professionals. This institution is pivotal in providing advanced medical services to the Mid-South region, continually advancing healthcare through innovation and dedication to patient well-being.


What is TN Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC)?

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) is a state government agency in Tennessee, responsible for overseeing and managing the state’s natural resources, environmental protection, and conservation efforts. TDEC plays a vital role in ensuring the health and sustainability of Tennessee’s environment, including its air, land, and water.

Top Hospitals in Memphis

There is no shortage of healthcare providers in Memphis, TN, and there are many excellent choices. Some of Memphis’s top hospitals include:.

MH Methodist University Hospital

1265 Union Ave
Memphis, TN 38104

(901) 516-7000

Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis

6019 Walnut Grove Rd
Memphis, TN 38120

(901) 226-5000

Saint Francis Hospital – Memphis

5959 Park Ave
Memphis, TN 38119

(901) 765-1000

Methodist South Hospital

1300 Wesley Dr
Memphis, TN 38116

(901) 516-3700

Methodist North Hospital

3960 New Covington Pike
Memphis, TN 38128

(901) 516-5200

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

848 Adams Ave
Memphis, TN 38103

(901) 287-5437

Lt. Col. Luke Weathers, Jr. (Memphis) VA Medical Center

1030 Jefferson Ave
Memphis, TN 38104

(901) 523-8990

Select Specialty Hospital – Memphis

1265 Union Ave, Thomas Wing
Memphis, TN 38104

(901) 546-2400

More About Medical Waste Disposal in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis stands as a city rich in cultural heritage and historical significance, with a population that reflects a vibrant tapestry of life. As of the latest estimates, Memphis is home to approximately 633,000 residents, making it the largest city in Tennessee and a central hub in the Southeastern United States. The city’s demographic composition showcases a diverse community, with African Americans making up the majority of the population, followed by White, Hispanic, and Asian residents, among other ethnic groups. This diversity is celebrated through a variety of cultural festivals, culinary traditions, and music that resonate throughout the city, from the blues and soul music that fill Beale Street to the savory aromas of its famed barbecue.

Memphis’s residents are known for their resilience and spirit, which have been pivotal in shaping the city’s identity and progress. The city has played a crucial role in American history, notably in the civil rights movement, highlighted by the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968. Today, Memphis continues to evolve, driven by its people’s dedication to community, innovation, and inclusivity. The city’s educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and businesses contribute to a dynamic and growing economy, while the arts and culture scene flourishes, making Memphis a compelling place to live, work, and explore.

In Memphis, health care waste disposal is a critical aspect of maintaining public health and safety. The city’s healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and research institutions, generate a substantial volume of medical waste daily. To address this challenge, Memphis has a well-regulated system in place for the collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal of medical waste.

Licensed medical waste disposal companies play a pivotal role in ensuring that hazardous materials, such as used syringes, contaminated materials, and biomedical waste, are handled and disposed of in accordance with state and federal regulations. This rigorous approach not only safeguards the environment but also protects healthcare workers and the community from potential health risks associated with improper disposal of medical waste. Memphis’s commitment to effective medical waste management and proper sharps disposal is essential for maintaining the city’s public health standards and preserving its natural surroundings.

BioMedical Waste Solutions offers low cost, reliable, and compliant medical waste disposal services in Memphis, Tennessee. Whether you’re looking for biohazardous waste disposal management, sharps disposal, office disposal supplies, document destruction certification, red bag biomedical, pathological, and medical waste removal, OSHA and HIPPA compliance training programs, or sharps bin containers, we are here to reduce your liability and simplify your waste disposal process.

Our clients love our same price guarantee, which means that once you sign up with us, we will NEVER raise your prices! Other medical waste management companies promise low prices and then raise your prices over time. You’ll never have that experience when you hire BioMedical Waste Solutions.

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