Is mailing medical waste really legal?
Yes. In 1994 (and updated in 2003), the US Postal Service created a stringent standard for mailing these products to allow patients and generators of medical waste to mail it directly to an approved incinerator for proper disposal and documentation. The BioMedical Sharps Mailback Program adheres to these strict standards and can be mailed from your home or any US Post Office.
Who should have these types of containers?
Employers. Sharps waste is regulated by both the State and Federal governments. Any employer who generates medical waste should utilize regulatory compliant sharps disposal and destruction methods. Home self injectors. Individuals who self-inject must properly dispose of their sharps to protect family and community members from risk of injury and infection. EPA Guidelines on proper destruction by homeowners can be found at
What goes in a sharps / medical waste container?
It varies state by state, but generally they describe needles, syringes, lancets, scalpels and other sharp objects contaminated with blood or bodily fluids; gauze pads or other absorbent material that when squeezed would drip bodily fluids; used spill cleanup kits and employee protective apparel used in the cleanup.
If my state requires a contract or tracking documentation, can I use your system?
Yes. The tracking document in the mailback system will qualify as a contract for all customers, and the returned copy is the certificate of destruction.