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Low-Cost, Reliable, & Compliant Dallas Medical Waste Disposal.


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Dallas Medical Waste Disposal

100% Compliance & Certified

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Medical Waste Disposal Compliance


Compliance with City of Dallas, State of Texas and Federal laws governing the disposal of medical waste and red bag waste is the law. We 100% adhere to it.

Affordable Medical Waste Disposal

Affordable Pricing

It is possible to obtain a Biohazard Waste Pick Up Service Provider at affordable rates. Are you saving costs currently?

Reliable Medical Waste Disposal


We pay special attention to customer scheduling to ensure your facility gets the attention and customer service it deserves.

Our Medical Waste Removal Clients Include

Medical Waste Collection Scheduling

Daily Waste Management


Weekly Medical Waste Solutions


Bi-Weekly Medical Waste Removal

Bi -Weekly

Monthly Waste Management


Quarterly Medical Waste Solutions


PRN As Needed Waste Removal

PRN “As Needed”

Our Dallas Medical Waste Disposal Services
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Dr. Young, Texas Health Center
Excellent service and we never have to worry about compliance issues.
Dr. Young, Texas Health Center

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Dallas Medical Waste Disposal
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