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Low-Cost, Reliable, & Compliant Houston Medical Waste Disposal.


Relax while we take care of your medical waste disposal, so you’ll never have to worry about it again!


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Houston Medical Waste Disposal

Excellent service and we never have to worry about compliance issues.

Dr. Young, Texas Health Center

Affordable Medical Waste Disposal

Reliable Medical Waste Disposal


In just 13 years, we’ve grown to 4,000+ happy clients because we virtually guarantee timely and reliable pick-ups.

Medical Waste Disposal Compliance


Compliance with State and Federal laws governing the proper disposal of medical waste is not a choice. It is the law. We have you 100% covered.


100% Compliance & Certified


Trusted by 4,000+ Clients

Our Houston Medical Waste Disposal Services
Are Also for Cities Around Houston, Texas:

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100% OHSA
Compliance Guaranteed.


Effective medical waste disposal is more than “picking up your medical waste at a good price” it’s about:

Reducing your liability

Correctly managing your waste stream

Simplifying your access to disposal products


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Susan P, Dental Office
It’s great to know we’re saving money, being compliant, and know I can find out at any time when my next pick-up is going to be.
Susan P, Dental Office